Traditional Academics

Each young man that enters Monuments, arrives with their own unique academic needs. Some students will need to continue courses that were interrupted mid-semester, while others will need an entire semester’s set of courses in order to catch up.

Monuments has created a revolutionary community of learning where positive relationships and one-to-one classrooms unlock the academic potential in every student and create opportunities for emotional and social growth.

At Monuments the educational experience is completely customized to ignite a student’s passion for learning. Classes are self-paced, and course material is presented in ways that suit students’ individual interests, strengths and challenges. All students will participate in a curriculum that is experiential and psycho-educational in nature.

By creating strong relationships of trust and then focusing on heuristic or hands on learning, Monuments invites each student to unlock their academic potential out of a desire to learn and create, rather than obligation and coercion. As students engage and feel initial academic success through meaningful connection with staff and relevant experience, each boy will gain confidence in long-term academic ability. This process will create monumental change in the life-long learning process for each young man.