Our Therapy

Clinical Expertise

Monuments embraces a clinically driven, multi-disciplinary, and individualized therapeutic approach. Our licensed professional clinical staff will assess each student and develop an individualized strength-based treatment plan designed to guide the change and personal growth process.

Each student will learn how to really take a personal inventory of his or her own strengths and limitations, consider both their short and long-term options, create an attainable treatment plan founded in personal investment, and develop the skills necessary to implement the plan.

FAM (Family Adaptive Model)

At Monuments we believe that family involvement during treatment is key to long term success and recovery. During each student's stay, therapists will utilize our own Family Adaptive Model (or FAM) to address the roles and narratives that exist within each family. Although each young man and his family are different, every family passes common milestones. The decision to have a child and expand the family is one example of a milestone.

No matter the need that brings a student to Monuments, be it depression, anxiety, substance abuse, trauma, or some other unique need, each family is best served if treatment is addressed systemically as a whole family. Healing can only be found as each family member makes peace with the impact the current struggle has had on their family. As the family works together through the therapeutic process they are able to get back on track and return to healthy adaptive patterns that will move a family forward.