Equine-Assisted Wellness

Horsemanship … The healing power of relationships.
We all look to reclaim our lost relationships and find meaning, purpose, and to feel belonging. 

Horsemanship and Relationships

Horses have a unique ability to influence young men in incredibly powerful ways. Through the development of the person-horse relationship, horsemanship training, and equine care, young men can be given the opportunity to participate in a transformative intrapersonal process. This experience requires a constancy of attention, time in, responsiveness, assertiveness, communication, and relationship skills in order to benefit both horse and person. These attributes and skills have long been recognized as the active ingredients required in developing secure attachments. Horses, by way of their complexity, power, and size naturally provide opportunities and challenges for students to acquire these skills. 

Equine Assisted Wellness - Equine Therapy

Equine Assisted Wellness (EAW) provides a metaphoric experience with horses to promote self-awareness and the principles of relational growth. The human-horse experiential process teaches participants about themselves in a relational context and helps them become more aware of behavioral patterns and better understand healthy relationships.


By caring for and connecting with horses, Monuments students experience a wide range of therapeutic benefits. Research has shown equine-assisted therapy to be effective for treating adolescents experiencing depression, anxiety, and/or trauma-related symptoms, as well as ADHD/ dissociative disorders, and other mental health issues. This program increases confidence, self-esteem, assertiveness, emotional regulation, and resourcefulness.


Equine Assisted Wellness occurs both in an individual and in a group setting. The process involves establishing a relationship with a horse, first on the ground and then evolving into the saddle. Activities in this process include ‘joining up’ with the horse, grooming, lunging, natural horsemanship training and group experiential exercises. As the individual progresses in responsibility and ability, higher levels of riding and horsemanship are experienced.

What horses need to hear from us is what many of us would like to hear from ourselves, and each other. They need us to have a calm, focused assurance. They need us to be consistent. They need us to be assertive yet non-threatening. They need us to be both strong and compassionate. In short, horses need us to be our best selves.

Chris Irwin—Horses Don’t Lie

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