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Gretchen Bartlett

Since 2003, Gretchen has been involved with at-risk youth in multiple residential settings. For many years, she has served as an Admissions Counselor and that of a Director. Gretchen received her Bachelor's Degree from Boise State University in 2000. Since then, she has worked in numerous roles including an educator, a trainer, a manager and an entrepreneur.

Gretchen has a natural warmth and compassion that comes from the experience of being a mother of teenagers, who has raised children into happy, successful adults. Because of this, she understands the challenges and difficulties families face in today's society. Her natural ability to lead as well as her love and empathy for others makes her role as the Director of Admissions at the top of her list.

Gretchen is a native of Idaho, and is the oldest of 8 children. She considers herself lucky to have come from such a large and loving family. She recognizes the importance of family, and she feels blessed to be a part of Monuments — and all of the young men and families they serve. Gretchen loves reading, singing, and "adventuring" with her husband and their five children.

"From the first time I spoke with Gretchen, it was clear that she genuinely cared about me and my family. I felt I was heard and I knew that she would provide the guidance and information I so desperately needed in this time of chaos for our family." – Judy (Parent)

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